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Healthy Church Challenge

Hello GCI Youth! Are you up for the challenge? Learn more about the Faith, Hope, and Love Avenues by entering the Healthy Church Challenge.

One aspect of a healthy church is a healthy Love Avenue, and it is all about witness and reflecting God’s love. Think about making new friends!

Love Avenue Challenge

Ages 8-10: Draw something to show us what you think it means to make friends and be a good friend.

Ages 11-14: Create a skit (written, drawn, solo, or with a group) that shows us what it means to reflect on God’s love in your community.

Ages 15-17: Use any creative medium (painting, poem, song, dance, screenplay, picture, etc.) to tell us what a healthy Love Avenue looks like to you or a practice of the Love Avenue that inspires you.

Visit gci.org/challenge for more information and remember to get your entries in by Monday November 1, 2021!