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2021 Year in Review

As we look back on 2021, we celebrate the ways Father, Son, and Spirit moved in and among us. Together we moved forward developing and building healthy Faith Avenues. We celebrate the ways our fellowship grew in our walk with Jesus, as well as with one another. Below are the resources and praise reports that were accessed the most this year. Check them out if you missed them, or would like a review:

  1. Denominational Celebration Videos Available Now! – GCI Update – Check out our Main Sessions with stories of hope, revealing how the Spirit is moving in our fellowship, workshops for the Hope Avenue, and worship services with members from across generations and around the globe.
  2. Transitions in Leadership – GCI Update – Features the historic leadership transitions of our GCI Board and leadership with GCS.
  3. Avenue Resources | Grace Communion International Resources (gci.org) – Our digital toolbox with resources specific to each Avenue.
  4. Faith Forward – GCI Equipper – Equipper article setting our theme for 2021.
  5. The Role of the Faith Avenue Champion w/ David Borum | Grace Communion International Resources (gci.org) – GC Podcast episode discussing the role of the Faith Avenue Champion.
  6. The National Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – GCI Update – An article introducing the members of our DEI council in the US.
  7. We Are GCI: Michelle Fleming – GCI Update – An interview discussing the purpose for GCI Media content, and an overview of the theme Faith Forward and resources that were be rolled out in 2021.
  8. GCI Buzz: The 3 Ministry Avenues – GCI Update – a new tool where we recap GCI buzzwords and terminology. This month’s GCI Buzz explains the 3 GCI Ministry Avenues: Love, Hope, and Faith.
  9. Church Hack: Stages of Faith Discipleship – GCI Equipper – This Church Hack outlines the stages of faith and can be a helpful tool in identifying the challenges and beliefs about God that members of your connect group are working through.
  10. On Being | Grace Communion International Resources (gci.org) – An interactive connect group curriculum, designed for biblically-based, dynamic discussions around being a disciple.