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Prayer Update—Cella Olive

Below is a post-operation update from our beloved sister, Celestine Olive of Lancaster, CA, US.

Good news! I had a seven-week, follow-up appointment on June 8 with the Kaiser neurosurgeon. The x-rays showed the C3/C4 spinal fusion looks clean with signs of fusing already beginning, and the surgeon was pleased with the outcome. After wearing a neck collar for five weeks, I’m happy to now be planning for physical therapy for the painful, tight, and weakened muscles in the shoulders and neck. There is still no improvement of the tingling and pain in my right hand, but the doctor tells me to give it time! I’m truly looking forward to getting out and about again.

Thanks everybody for the many ways you have expressed your thoughts and prayers and loving concern! I appreciate all of you!


6 thoughts on “Prayer Update—Cella Olive”

  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing. May our Lord be with you that your therapy will be effective with speedy positive results.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. So glad to hear these news! We have such a wonderful God. His love and grace are beyond human reasoning. Will keep praying for full healing.

  3. Dearest Cella, your positive update is indeed an answer to our prayers! God is so good, all the time! We’ll continue to pray for your full recovery. Our love and best to you and Leonard.

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