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Prayer for Patsy Ross

The following is a prayer request for Patsy Ross, wife of John Ross, the pastor of Greenwood, Mississippi, U.S.

Patsy suffers from serious digestion complications that make it difficult to eat enough and get the necessary nutrients. The lack of nutrition has caused her heart to beat too fast. The good news is that a heart specialist recently determined that Patsy’s heart is healthy, and she is trying a new medication to slow her heart rate. Patsy will see a pain specialist and a gastric specialist to hopefully resolve some of her symptoms.

Due to nausea and lack of appetite, Patsy has lost more than 50 pounds this year and is very weak. She needs assistance moving around, and John is her primary caregiver. Please pray for provision, healing, and peace.

Cards may be sent to:

Patsy and John Ross
1204 Glendale Cir
Greenwood, MS 38930-7203

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Patsy Ross”

  1. We will lift up Patsy Ross in prayer at our Bible Study tonight. God hears prayers and He will hear our petition for Patsy. Stay encouraged.

  2. Dear Patsy and John,
    As someone who is also struggling with keeping weight I know from experience how frustrating this battle can be. The Lord is with you and he understands what you are going through. He loves you and will reach out to you. Watch and see how God will answer the prayers of the brothers and sisters who are and will be praying for you!
    With love,

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