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We Are GCI—Randy Bloom

In this episode of We Are GCI, GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams interviews Randy Bloom, the GCI Board Chair. Together they discuss Randy’s new role as the Board Chair for GCI and his love for American History.

3 thoughts on “We Are GCI—Randy Bloom”

  1. There are exciting pieces of information which Mr Randy Bloom explained about GCI and its consideration of establish Ministry Centres. May God bless you Mr Bloom in being a servant in your role as the Board Chair for GCI.

  2. Our journey has been challenging – we are blessed in GCI and in very good hands – loved Randy’s comment at approx. 29:25 in the video:

    “I have no Hero but ONE … We do ourselves a disservice if we think too much of ‘people’ whomever they are – whatever level of leadership or influence they have … we put ourselves at a disadvantage if we put too much stock in anybody but Jesus”

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