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House Churches—Bangladesh

Grace Communion now has a presence in Bangladesh after a legally registered Trust was formed in February 2022.

It all started after my wife, Christina, and I graduated from International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) in Metro Manila, Philippines. We had the privilege of being sponsored to study in this school. It was even more of a privilege to meet Dr. Eugenio Guzon in the library, and an instant friendship began.

[Editor’s Note: IGSL, formerly International School of Theology-Asia (ISOT-Asia), is part of Campus Crusade’s formal training resource. IGSL equips Spirit-filled men and women with the knowledge, character, competence, and vision to make an impact for Christ and to make disciples.]

Dr. Guzon asked me where I attend Sunday worship. I was looking for a church where my family and I could attend. Then, Dr. Guzon invited me to attend the GCI Crossway fellowship where Aron Tolentino was pastoring. We took an instant liking for the fellowship. The choir, sermon, doctrine and friendliness of the fellowship impressed us. We continued to attend until we graduated from IGSL. We were also privileged to attend GCI annual celebrations, pastoral trainings, youth camp, small group training by Dr. Gary and Cathy Deddo, and combined services with President Dr. Greg Williams.

After we graduated, we felt a strong connection with GCI. I made a request to Dr. Guzon to plant churches under GCI in Bangladesh. After sharing this vision with a few dedicated people, who were my students earlier, they were all willing to come on board. With their help we were able to reach out to many small villages where people were wanting to belong to a fellowship.

Now we have five house churches in two provinces. We have 108 baptized members of GCI. In addition, we have four potential house churches. These house churches are led by a team of two leaders. At the moment, members gather every Sunday in one of the houses of our leaders. They are very happy and passionate to walk with Jesus Christ.

After researching on registering churches in Bangladesh, I began preparing the documents with the help of a lawyer. After several corrections with the help of Dan Zachariah, Dr. Guzon, and the Home Office, we finally were able to register on February 15, 2022, as Grace Communion Church Bangladesh. We praise God for this accomplishment.

Many challenges remain. Bangladesh is a predominantly Islamic country. Only around 0.3 percent of the population are Christian. Limited resources and access to leadership trainings hamper our efforts. Nevertheless, we plan for sustainability and hope for 20 house churches in the next three years. The prayer of our worldwide fellowship is much appreciated.

Amiyo with Christina and their children

By Amiyo Bacher
Bangladesh Church Planter

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  1. Wonderful! The church of our Lord Jesus Christ guided by the Holy Spirit keeps moving forward in far away places to the glory of our heavenly Father. Our prayers are with our brethren in Bangladesh.

    With joy,

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