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The Year in Pictures

Dedication of the MTC and church in Surrey Hills, OK, US—January


Group of 20 people seated in training room
US Pastor Orientation, Charlotte, NC, US—February
Youth Ministry Gathering, Baguio, Philippines—March
Love Avenue Workshop, Surrey Hills, OK, US—March
Compelled by Love Conference, Lusaka, Zambia—April
Neighborhood Camp, Jacksonville, FL, US—June
Outside the Walls Event, Ladson, SC, US—June
European Conference, United Kingdom—June
Youth baptisms, Lancaster, CA, US—June
Neighborhood Camp, Surrey Hills, OK, US—June
Neighborhood Playground Pop-Up, Cleveland, OH, US—July
Homecoming Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada—August
MTC Launch Celebration, Accra, Ghana—August
Aus conference 2022
Australasia Conference, Queensland, Australia—August
Celebration, Fiji—August
Spanish Heritage Community Engagement, Sun Valley, CA, US—September
National Ministry Team, Manila, Philippines—September
Elementary School Bible Club, Derby, KS, US—October
House Church, Bangladesh—November