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Prayer Request—Canfield, OH, US

On February 3, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The following update and prayer request is from John Dobritch, pastor of nearby GCI Canfield.

First of all, we want to thank God that no one was killed or even injured on the train or in the surrounding community. That was a miracle.

One family in our GCI Canfield church lives about a mile from the accident. The family of four, including two teenagers, had to evacuate but were taken in for three nights by another church family.

Thankfully their house was not damaged, but there is now concern for environmental damage to the community and long-term health concerns due to inhaling toxic fumes over several days. Prayers are requested for the well-being of our church members and the entire town of East Palestine, Ohio.

5 thoughts on “Prayer Request—Canfield, OH, US”

  1. Yes, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing the needs and concerns of our brothers and sisters near the toxic spill in East Palestine, Ohio..we will be praying for their well being…

  2. John and the Ohio community, we will be praying in Texas for the wellbeing of all–now and into the future.

  3. We are praying for the town of East Palestine, the surrounding communities and all of Ohio. We know that our God who sees the end from the beginning and stands in the midst even now, has heard the praises, prayers and petitions of His children and He will not fail to show His love, mercy and compassion in this situation. Thank You, Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit!

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