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Neighbor Day

On March 26, GCI Carina celebrated Neighbour Day with our community. Neighbours are encouraged to get together in small and large ways on this annual event promoted by Relationships Australia, a leading provider of relationship support services.

We promoted the event on Facebook and Nextdoor (a hyperlocal social network to connect neighbors). And we placed a banner at the Carina Community Centre a couple of weeks before the event. Most importantly, we reached out to people passing by in the nearby park on the day. More than 25 people from the neighbourhood enjoyed the BBQ with our church members. We also had fun serving ice cream and playing games with the young.

By Bharat Naker, Pastor
Carina and Logan, Qld, AU

4 thoughts on “Neighbor Day”

  1. Bharat,
    Great event! Physical meals are wonderful and fertile settings for the natural sharing of the gospel, both in word and example. See Jesus 🙂

  2. Love Avenue events like yours can be so helpful to the neighbors and so invigorating for our current members! Wonderful participation with Jesus – and may your numbers multiply for your next event!

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