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Community July 4 Celebration

This year during the city of Orr’s 4th of July celebration, our church decided to participate with a booth. Our theme was “Freely Received – Freely Given” (John 13: 34-35). I encouraged our planning committee to approach this event as participating in the ministry of Jesus in the Spirit. For this event, there was to be no hidden agenda, fliers, tracts, church logo, etc. The purpose was to intentionally experience God’s presence in relationship—knowing he is already there.

Our goal was to share the love of Jesus in daily relationships and commit to bless a person through a tangible act with no strings attached. We offered face painting, cold bottled water, and minor bicycle repair. One of our members invited a friend who brought reconditioned, donated bicycles. Seventeen bikes were given away to those in need. The feedback I got from our members seemed simple and very positive. I could sense excitement and joy in their hearts as each person shared their story at our Sunday service.

Tom Kennebeck, Pastor
Orr, MN, US