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39th Church Anniversary

GC Dumaguete celebrated 39 years on August 27, 2023. With the theme “freedom,” the church expressed its gratitude for God’s grace and faithfulness while embracing the freedom and blessings he has bestowed. More than 64 participants gathered for this anniversary and to praise God for his glory.

GC Dumaguete Pastor Angelo Ouano delivered a message titled “Freedom,” based on Romans 12:1-8. The message, which was the core theme of the celebration, focused on the sacrifice that grants us freedom from death, sin, and the law. It also emphasized how God seeks to bring us back to him and conform us to the image of Jesus. The message underscored that God is always faithful to his promises for each of us and concluded with communion.

A video presentation showcased the growth, nurturing, and development of GC Dumaguete over the years, bringing laughter and smiles to the members. The video illustrated how God has been and always will be faithful to the church. Then we enjoyed the long-awaited meal that left broad smiles on the faces of the attendees. After the meal, we played fun games, like Paint Me a Picture.

God’s faithfulness has been evident in the fellowship of Grace Communion Dumaguete throughout the years. As the church celebrated its 39th anniversary, we will continue to grow and age gracefully, much like fine wine, always grounded in faith, hope, and love. This celebration will leave a lasting memory of freedom and love in the hearts of all who attended.

By Elysha D. Teves
Dumaguete, Philippines

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  1. Congratulations on your 39th anniversary ! May our Lord continue to give you growth and may you become an even greater blessing for your community.

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