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Healthy Church Challenge Winners

On September 3, GC Melton in Melbourne, Australia, held a Father’s and Special Person’s Day Pizza Party after our weekly worship service. The event was a huge success, with cries of “Happy Father’s Day, papa” ringing around the table.

The party was funded with prize money from the GCI Healthy Church Challenge. The young boys of the congregation (pictured above) won third prize for their video entry. They won $50 to hold a church activity. It was immediately decided to have a pizza party.

Although plans were made to invite newly attending visitors and friends of the weekly worship services to the pizza party, everyone was busy celebrating Father’s Day with their families. So, the church community decided to turn the pizza party into a time to recognize and celebrate the fathers and fatherly figures who have journeyed with them over the last several years.

The atmosphere was lively and festive, with everyone enjoying delicious pizza and sharing stories about their fathers. It was heartwarming to see how much love and appreciation the community had for their fathers and fatherly figures.

As the party came to an end, there were already suggestions for the next church activity. The youngest boys of the congregation had some exciting ideas, including an ice cream party. Everyone was looking forward to the next event and spending more time together as a community.

By Geoff and Alicia Davis and Matthew Gudze

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  1. A great way for the congregation to celebrate the prize communally and honoring fathers at the same time.

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