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Faith, Hope, and Love in Action Workshop

In Winnipeg, we were blessed to be able to host the Faith, Hope, and Love in Action Workshop for the vision churches of Canada in October. This was a great encouragement to us to see that the denomination has not forgotten about us up north. It was further encouragement for us to see the Canadian churches working towards the same goal of implementing the three Avenues.

Though we might be at different stages, we were all there to lift each other up, and help each church build on the momentum that they already have. It is always meaningful for us to take stock of what we have already been able to accomplish by God’s grace, so that we can continue down the road, one step at a time. The workshop helped us to celebrate how much has already been put into action, so that we can continue to look ahead with hope.

By Alexander Brandt, Pastor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada