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4 thoughts on “Meet Bret Miller”

  1. Dear Brother Bret,
    My heart and prayers for healing reach out to you. We have known each other for 40 years, having been together at AC Pasadena “many moons ago”. We have much in common, including challenging health battles. The Lord will never forsake you, that is a sure promise. His love will stretch out to you in every circumstance. You have been (and continue to be) of great help to the German church. On behalf of your brethren in this corner of the world, let me say a big THANK YOU !!!

  2. Dear Bret Miller,
    I appreciate to read about you and your work. I put you on my prayer list regarding your health problems. Fine that you know God loves you.

  3. I have known Bret and Julie for over 25 years and am blessed to be a longtime though now distant friend. Alberta and I enjoyed many meals with them including a beautiful Thanksgiving meal at their home here in California. Bret and Julie were then and continue to be beautiful gems of faith, grace and truth in the Body of Christ. Thank you for your decades of service to all of us in GCI.

  4. Bret, thank you for your friendship, prayers, and service over the years. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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