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Trunk or Treat Collaboration

GC Sioux Falls fellowship group had a “trunk” at the second annual Trunk-or-Treat, on October 29. (Since the event was held indoors, it wasn’t a literal trunk of a vehicle, but a station.) It was hosted by Active Generations, the community center where we meet. There were more than 30 trunks from different businesses and community organizations in Sioux Falls. The event was scheduled to be outdoors, but the weather took a turn and windchills were predicted to be dangerously low, so the event was moved indoors. But the weather didn’t keep anyone away! Nearly 1300 children, parents, and grandparents attended. At one point, a line of people circled the building waiting to file by the trunks for treats.

We have been partnering with Active Generations for several events throughout the year. In August we had a photo booth at the Grandparents’ Day event, and we will participate in the Winter Carnival in December. Collaborating on these events has communicated to Active Generations that we are not just a fellowship that rents a room in their building, but we are willing to be an active part of our neighborhood.

By JoAnne Lagge, Pastor (pictured above, left)
Sioux Falls, SD, US