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Lights, Candy, Action

It was the second coldest Halloween on record for Fort Wayne, Indiana. Many would-be trick-or-treaters stayed home, but some that braved the cold were greeted with flashing toys, candy, games, and hot cocoa at Grace Communion Fort Wayne.

Now in its fifth year, the “Light Up the Night” event is usually held in the parking lot. But the near freezing temperature did not stop the action for GC Fort Wayne; instead, they took to the indoors, offering a sanctuary from the cold weather.

With Halloween songs, like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller,” playing in the background, families made their way through the twisting path. Each room was glittering with flashing L.E.D. toys. “We give them gifts that light up,” said Pastor David Howe. “The idea is to keep kids safe and visible as they trick or treat after dark.”

The event had several candy stations including full-size candy bars. The best part according to one attendee was the hot cocoa. The cocoa is served like a barista bar with a choice of sprinkles, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. “My kid calls you the hot cocoa church,” one parent said.

A group of 26 volunteers from our congregation and a neighboring church were able to share the fun with more than 200 guests. “We are a small church, and we want to show our love for this community,” said Pastor Howe “It was really cold this year, and we could provide a safe and fun environment for our neighbors.”

Ann with her husband, David

By Ann Howe, Love Avenue Champion
Fort Wayne, IN, US

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  1. Good work David and Ann! It is good to see you and the love that the ‘small’ church has for its community. 🙂

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