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Grace Communion Seminary

Study with us at GCS!

Registration for the 2024 Spring Semester begins soon!
Academic Advising and Registration: January 3 – 11

Courses offered:
Old Testament Survey, Instructor: Jeannine Graham
Acts of the Apostles, Instructor: Dan Rogers
Foundations of Christian Ministry, Instructor: Lance McKinnon
Trinitarian Youth Ministry, Instructor: Jeff Broadnax
Polity of Grace Communion International, Instructor: Greg Williams
Jesus Christ, the Nature of Humans and Salvation, Instructor: Gary Deddo

New GCS Board Chair Appointed

From Randy Bloom, GCI Board Chair

Many of us ponder what we will do in retirement, whatever form it comes. One of the unexpected surprises for me as I was preparing to retire was the opportunity to chair the GCI and GCS boards. It has been an honor and joy to serve alongside the competent directors of each of these groups. I consider each of them dear friends as well as fellow servants in Christ. However, from the outset of my tenure, I felt it would be best for both organizations if each had its own chair. They would benefit from more focused leadership and having two chairs would give someone else an opportunity to serve and bring new perspectives to the board.

I shared my thoughts with Greg Williams, and he agreed with me. So, I began to think and pray about a new GCS board chair. My thoughts quickly focused on Eric Larison. I’ve known Eric for many years. He was an elder in the congregation I pastored in Syracuse, NY, and I recommended him to pastor the congregation when I was transferred to Memphis, TN. He has served as a pastor for more than 25 years. Eric and his wife, Susan, are loving, dedicated servants of Christ. In addition, Eric is a professional educator and administrator.

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One thought on “Grace Communion Seminary”

  1. Dear Mr. Larison,

    We pray that this new assignment will bring you much joy as you pour in all your educational experience and significant qualifications into GCS. It is wonderful to see how our fellowship keeps on pursuing excellence in making GCS a strong Christ centered seminary.

    In Jesus,
    Santiago Lange
    GCI Germany

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