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Going Out in Love

Greg and Susan Williams
Greg and Susan Williams

Dear GCI Family and Friends,

The December 20 issue of Update was a recap of the year. It featured a word cloud showing the most frequently used words in my 2023 letters. By a wide margin, “Jesus” was the most used word. He is the radiance of the Father, and if you have seen him, you have seen the Father. In GCI, we stand on the truth of the triune God revealed in the person of Jesus.

The 2023 word cloud did not show me using the words trinity or triune frequently. Please understand, this does not infer that we are moving away from our bedrock Incarnational Trinitarian Theology. In fact, our direction in GCI is to see what we do in ministry fully dependent on how we relate to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God is three personal realities; these three do not exist in isolation. Rather, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are always interweaving and interpenetrating each other, are pure oneness in thought, purpose, and action, and are perfection and beauty—one God in three persons eternally in relationship. (This might be a good spot to pause and worship.)

The story of creation and subsequent salvation of fallen humanity tells us that God goes out from God’s self in love. The triune God is intentionally sharing a communion of life and love with his created children.

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3 thoughts on “Going Out in Love”

  1. Thank you for keeping the focus on Jesus. Following him enables me to participate in the mystery of living as God lives, eternally receiving and giving love. I don’t expect to understand this mystery, but I love it.

  2. Meeting new people as I greet them and acknowledge their value as a person and speak their name correctly. Showing that I SEE them at this moment as they are and respect their existence as a child of God. This gives me great joy knowing I am participating with Jesus! NO accidental meetings!!

  3. Thanks Greg for reminding us of God’s Love for All! God has made us Holy and Righteous Thru Jesus, planned before the foundation of the world to be Our New Creation! God now Adds us to His Life by the Gift of the Holy Spirit, so that none can boast, even to believe in Him is not of our-self!

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