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GCS Summer Semester

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Registration for the 2024 Summer Semester begins soon!
Academic Advising and Registration: April 29 – May 9

Below are the five courses that GCS is offering this semester. Each instructor provided a short summary of his course. Click the title to read the full description.

BI501 — Biblical Interpretation, Michael Morrison

When different people read the Bible, they sometimes come to different conclusions. We need a way to find out which reading is more likely to be right. We need to think about what we are doing when we read, and hopefully that will help us be more open to what the text actually says. BI501 Biblical Interpretation will help us read, study, understand, and explain the Bible in a way that can help others understand what the message means for us today.

CH502 — Church History: The Second Millennium, Steve Dolson-Andrew

Step into the riveting saga of Christianity’s journey through time! Uncover the triumphs, trials, and transformative moments that shaped the world’s largest faith. Gain profound insights from our spiritual forebears that will impact your life and ministry today. From antiquity to contemporary practice, the GCS Church History courses offer a thrilling exploration of faith, power, and resilience. Learn about the ancient roots of your Christian faith, connect with centuries of tradition, and understand the forces that continue to shape our world today. Enroll now and embark on an unforgettable voyage through the rich history of the Christian faith.

CM504 — Practice of Ministry, Ted Johnston

Do you now serve (or feel called to serve) within the church as a pastor or ministry leader (including Avenue champion)? If so, the Practice of Ministry course is for you! This course explores the trinitarian, incarnational roots of all Christian ministry and looks at how to live out that theology in the day-to-day ministries of the church, including worship planning, administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, preaching and teaching, pastoral care, evangelism, discipleship, church administration, and ministry to families.

CM513 — Trinitarian Worship, Lance McKinnon

Everyone has a theology, and everyone worships, from the Christian to the atheist. In Trinitarian Worship, we will pursue distinguishing a Christian worship understood from a biblical, Christ-centered, and historically orthodox theology. From this trinitarian and Christocentric foundation we will engage in shaping liturgical practices that escape the common fixation on the worshiper and move to center on the One whom we worship. In this way the course aims to equip pastors, worship leaders, and others involved in planning and conducting a local church’s worship service. Using a theological-historical framework, and surveying various useful tools, we will seek to discern fitting liturgical practices that aid in renewing worship in a local church resulting in a witness to Jesus Christ, our High Priest, who leads us to share in his worship of the Father by the Spirit.

CM514 — Missional Living, Charles Fleming

Missional Living is designed to help students catch the vision beautifully expressed in one of the class textbooks by Michael Reeves, which says:

Mission is rooted in the Trinity, in the very being and nature and heart of God. And this is something deeply heart-winning and attractive in Him. If there is one thing I really want, above all, to communicate in this book, it is the great truth that God is mission. As we partake in the Father’s pleasure in His Son, and the Son’s pleasure in His Father, and the Spirit’s enlivening of their mutual love, it causes us to share their love for the world.

If you take Missional Living, you can expect instruction to include video recorded lectures, inspiring reading, discussion forums, spiritual formation practices as well as online meetings with other students to discuss practical ways to implement insights learned. The course is part of a GCI initiative to better equip pastors pursuing a master’s degree and lay members who serve in GCI’s Love Avenue.