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Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating 25 Years of Participation and Service!

On Sunday, March 24, Pastor Timothy Brassell and his wife, Donna Brassell, were honored for their 25 years of devoted service to GCI. The celebration was hosted by their congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. Pastor T (as he is mostly called) and Donna were presented with a plaque and 25-year watches by East Regional Director Jeffrey Broadnax. These gifts serve as tangible symbols of appreciation for unwavering dedication, steadfast leadership, and tireless commitment to God’s ministry in GCI. The celebration included refreshments and fellowship following the Sunday service.

In Tim’s own words, what he enjoys most about being a GCI pastor:

“What I enjoy most is proclaiming the Good News of the relational God-Father-Son-and-Holy-Spirit revealed in Jesus the Christ freely! I enjoy declaring, against the wisdom of the world, that every human being belongs to God in the most profound way in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ alone, before they can think, say, or do anything about it! Therefore, when they hear the proclamation, each should freely repent, receive, and participate in Relationship with the Father through the faith freely given them by Jesus through the Holy Spirit!

I share this every way I can, everywhere I can, beginning with those I am closest to. I love relating, thinking, living, and speaking out of the love and life of the Father-Son- Holy-Spirit-God — with sign religion that points to God but without religiosity, and right in the middle of the deep brokenness Jesus still faithfully and graciously comes to meet us!

I greatly enjoy being in a world-wide fellowship of ever-reforming, loving, humble, accessible, free, God-honoring, and risk-taking people. (They have to be risk-taking, they called, hired, and put up with ME! Ha!)”

We are immensely grateful to you, Pastor T, and Donna for your dedication, wisdom, and guidance in pointing us to Jesus Christ as God’s Good News in Living Person. You have been a relational pastor and under shepherd, guiding us with compassion and courage, inspiring us through God’s steadfast grace and faith, impacting our lives and community for God. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we express our deepest appreciation for Jesus’ sacrificial service and friendship through both of you. We congratulate you and pray for continued blessings and years of fruitful participation in Christ’s ministry ahead.

Your legacy is one of love, unity, and transformation, as you continue to proclaim the good news of the relational God revealed in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You are leaving an indelible God-honoring mark on our hearts and community here in Baltimore!

From your GCI family in Baltimore, MD


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 25 Years”

  1. Tim, what a wonderful legacy for you and Donna. You are an inspiration under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Much more good stuff to come . . . !

  2. Congratulations Pastor T and Donna. Your willingness to participate with the Holy Spirit, in keeping the spotlight on the Son of God, to the Father’s glory, is a beautiful example of living and sharing the gospel as you both perform your missional ministries.

  3. Congratulations Pastor Tim and Donna! I have so enjoyed working and praying with you over the years my friend! Thank you for your example of striving to follow the Father, Son and Spirit daily.

  4. Dear Tim and Donna,
    It is wonderful to see the Baltimore church honoring you. Tim, you have been a pillar of strength at a time when our fellowship was going through a very challenging transition. And, you have continued to faithfully proclaim Jesus and grace. Thank you !

    Grace and Peace,

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