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GenMin camps and missions

Great Commission Trips: Bahamas, Zambia and Malawi

Click here for a report on the work of our young GCI missionaries who recently returned from a short-term mission trip to the Bahamas. And click here for the details about another group of missionaries heading out soon to Zambia and Malawi.

Pathways camp

GenMin’s Pathways camp was held in the beautiful hills of Jackson, OH during the week of July 17- 22. Participants included 134 campers and 65 staffers. Chapel presenters were Jeff Broadnax, Mike Greider, Jason Frantz and Ben Zacharias. “Living Loved” messages were illustrated with several dramas.

Though the weather was exceptionally hot, the camp was blessed with a new addition this year – air conditioning in the “chapelteria.” And the swimming pool was well used along with the climbing wall and obstacle course. A camp highlight was a concert from Christian singer Ayiesha Woods. It was learned that her grandfather attends a GCI congregation in Bermuda.

A key focus, as in past years, was an outreach event. It was coordinated this year by Pathways staffer Carrie Smith who worked with the Jackson County Family Services Division to host 27 kids age 8-14 for a few hours at camp one day. The kids enjoyed a block party with lots of games and swimming. The love they received from the Pathways campers and staff was wonderful to behold! Lots of fun, fellowship and laughter.