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Hazel Roberts ordained

GCI member Hazel Roberts was recently ordained Minister of Congregational Care at Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) in San Leandro, CA.

Hazel’s husband, Jim, pastors One in Christ Community Church (CCC), the GCI congregation in San Leandro. CCC rents space from CPC, where Hazel has worked for twelve years as parish administrator. Among other duties, Hazel manages the use of CPC’s facilities by seven churches (including CCC), a day care center and several Boy Scout troops.

On June 5, Hazel and Jim attended a special CPC service in honor of their pastor (Hazel’s boss), who was retiring. Near the end of the service, Hazel was called forward with the announcement that she was being ordained! This was a surprise to her, and on her way up, she exclaimed, “But I’m not even a Presbyterian!” CPC’s pastor replied, “We decided not to hold that against you!” The whole congregation came forward to lay hands on Hazel. She was given an ordination certificate, a stole to wear around her neck, and a gold and silver cross necklace. The next Sunday (Pentecost), Jim was scheduled to preach at CPC and CCC. Unfortunately, he woke up ill and so Hazel, newly ordained, filled in – helping both congregations celebrate this special day that speaks to Christian unity.


4 thoughts on “Hazel Roberts ordained”

  1. Congratulations Hazel [you too, Jim!]. You are one of the most unassuming persons I know and it has been a joy having known both you and Jim in past years at AC and CAD. I am certain our Lord will bless you both with even more opportunities to have positive effects on even more lives in the future as you yield to His direction, guidance, and love. Congratulations, once again. I only wish Bill Stough had lived to see this happen.
    Jim Lee

  2. Congratulations Hazel!! Well done thou good and faithful servant – God has richly blessed your service in His name and you will go on to do much more in His name. Love, Charlotte

  3. Dear Hazel,

    Ted was showing me your ordination and congratulations! You know I have deep respect for you and Lucy as two of the most amazing women. You are both full of surprises and achievements, encouragement and love. God’s blessings to you as you have made a difference in many lives. Love, Donna

  4. What a wonderful recognition of a true servant heart! Joanne and I are delighted but not surprised (except for the Presbyterian aspect…who knew?). Hazel has been an example of service, humility, grace and giving for many years. Praise God!

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