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Celebrating Dennis Lawrence’s ministry

Top (left to right): Rob Brockman, Victor Zampin, Dennis Lawrence. Bottom: Andrew (Dennis' grandson).

On September 10, the Montreal, Quebec congregation held a celebration in honor of Dennis Lawrence’s 37 years in ministry. Dennis is the longest serving pastor for the Montreal congregation. Because of health difficulties, Dennis is on disability leave for the foreseeable future. Thus it was considered appropriate to acknowledge and honor his many years of service. A presentation was made, sharing where Dennis has served, with some stories and maps.

Many people sent notes celebrating Dennis’ ministry. These were placed in a scrapbook, and several were read during the celebration. As each was read, a little LED light was placed on a tree that had been purchased for the occasion. Each light was a visual reminder of the light of Christ that Dennis has brought into many lives. Some of the members gave short messages recounting their memories and thanking Dennis. Then a toast was given and the church presented Dennis with a lovely gift. The official celebration ended with a hymn and a special finger food buffet.



One thought on “Celebrating Dennis Lawrence’s ministry”

  1. Dennis & family: (a note from a Winnipeg member) THANK YOU for all those years of devoted service to our church. Much has been accomplished by your prayers and efforts, in the regions you have served in.

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