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Marj Friddle

Marj Friddle reported good news about her progress with colon cancer! We rejoice with her and Jim that the staph infection she had been fighting has now healed completely. In addition, her latest lab reports showed no elevation in white cell count.

Marj wrote: ” We are SO THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for the MANY cards (68 at last count), numerous e-mails and phone calls that we have received. Our friends have been wonderful with their prayers and love for us. We DEEPLY APPRECIATE all the prayers, not only for me, but also for Jim. Our son, Nathan, was here for two weeks and that was a huge help. I still have to take it easy. There is a lot of soreness in my abdomen which will take time to go away. I feel so amazingly blessed that the cancer had not spread and that it was on the right side of my colon so I didn’t have to have a colostomy.”


9 thoughts on “Marj Friddle”

  1. Hello Marj
    Wow! What wonderful and exciting news. Thanks be to our wonderful God. Take care of yourself.
    love Geoff & Marg Stone
    Bunbury Church, Western Australia

  2. Charlene and I have been praying for the two of you. It’s great to hear the good news of the blessings you have received. Praise to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. May the blessings continue.

    Your friends from a long way back,

    Norman and Charlene Smith

  3. Oh how we need to be thankful for our great God and always count our many blessings, and look always for the wonderfull things our Lord does for us.
    James Isdell

  4. Hello, Marj,
    God is good, all the time. We rejoice and thank God for your recovery. I will continually pray for your comfort as well as you heal up from your abdominal soreness.
    Also, the special cards that you sent to the ladies of C&B, California were truly beautiful. Thank you for taking time to make them.
    Take good care of yourself and each other. God bless.

    Carmelita and Bermie Dizon
    Altadena, California

  5. mrs friddle
    our love and prayers are with you from the
    kifer brothers in the pittsburgh area.
    with much love
    clay and larry

  6. We do wish you continued improvement until you are completely healed. May God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep you closely in His loving, compassionate and healing arms during this time – and always.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabmaa

  7. Phyllis and I have the both of you in our thoughts and prayers. We thank God for the good news.

    God Bless
    James & Phyllis Humphries

  8. Marj, We have been praying for you and Jim and we are very happy to hear the successful news. We praise our God for His marvelous blessings and healings. Hoping and praying your recovery is complete and quick.

    Harold & Charlotte Davis

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