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Marj Friddle

Here is an update from Marj Friddle who continues to recover from her recent cancer surgery:

I am feeling better. Today, [August 7] for the first time I have felt more like I did before the surgery. I am weak but that also seems to be a little better today. The infected area is coming along but it is going to take a while for this to heal because it is 5 centimeters deep. A home health care nurse comes each day to clean and dress the area. The nurses have taught me how to connect the antibiotic infusion device to the line in my arm so I can do that myself. That is done once a day and it takes about an hour and a half. This has to be done for 10 days, blood work will be done and medication adjusted or changed as indicated by the blood work. The home health care nurses have been excellent. The one today was superb – very kind and compassionate. Thank you for your prayers (they need to continue) and your love.

My love to everyone,



4 thoughts on “Marj Friddle”

  1. Hi Marj,
    Glad to hear that things are healing and that your spirits are good. God is good and bears us up when the chips are down- I know from experience. Still have fond memories of our WCG Ladies Retreat together in CA. Take care of yourself and say HI to Jim. I still remember him “kissing the whale” at Marineland in N. Falls in the 90s. The kids were astonished!

  2. We are pleased to hear that you continue to improve and do hope you soon will be fully recovered.
    In Christian Love,
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  3. Hey, Marj — Glad you’re feeling better. Jackie and I wish you a speedy recovery. We’ve both known you for many decades and wish you all the best. I’m so glad I got to see both of you in N. Carolina while I was driving 18-wheeler–that’s a great memory I won’t forget.

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