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Bernie Schnippert

The following note is from Bernie Schnippert.

Recently I gave a health update in which I mentioned being on a new drug which may or may not help my cancer (carcinoid, beginning near the small intestine and traveling to my liver) and which I may or may not be able to tolerate. Unfortunately, on Friday I reached a tipping point in the medication whose side effects of fatigue and breathlessness got so strong I was barely able to make it from the car to the doctor’s office. The doctor took one look at me and revoked the medicine 100 percent. My kidney function was being affected negatively and of course I could not get around so I am off the drug for now. This is pretty disappointing for me since the drug has the potential of slowing or even stopping tumor growth and there is really nothing to fully take its place. After I recover from the drug symptoms he may – may – start me on ½ dose again to see if I can tolerate it. In the meanwhile, I have some big strength catch up to do. Please pray that in time I might find a dose that I can live and thrive on as the only other therapy seems to be killing tumors that grow too fast – a good therapy but time limited in the end. Still, tumor killing can go on for years, which is what I need. Thanks for all your prayers.

Bernie and Arlene Schnippert
64651 Jan Dr
Bend, OR 97701-8824


3 thoughts on “Bernie Schnippert”

  1. Dear Mr Schnippert

    We at the Chase,MI church are praying for you. You helped us with our church building lease. You are still much needed and appreciated for the work you do for the body of Christ. We believe God wants you well, unless He indicates otherwise.

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