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Community Cafe

Good News Fellowship, the GCI congregation in Nashville, TN (pastored by Jonathan Stepp) hosts Community Cafe following its worship service each Sunday. The purpose of the Cafe is to feed homeless people with both food and the hope of the good news of God’s grace.

Some homeless or otherwise disadvantaged people walk to the Cafe. Others are driven to the Cafe in the church’s van. Several of the Cafe regulars attend the worship service before the meal, though the meal is available to all, whether they attend church or not.

Each week, the simple, yet tasty and nutritious meal is prepared at home by church members who then bring the food with them to church where it is heated and served in the fellowship hall in the building where the church meets. Here are some pictures.

Banner announcing the weekly meal
Some of the Cafe regulars (they gave permission to publish this picture)
Some of the Good News Fellowship ladies who help prepare and serve the meal.


One thought on “Community Cafe”

  1. This is so great! I would love to hear praise reports concerning lives that are turned around due to this interaction. Our congregation has ministered to the homeless off and on in our area, but we have not seen any lasting results. I pray that your outreach efforts produce fruit fit for the kingdom! -Thom

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