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Janna Jones

Here is an update to an earlier prayer request for Janna Jones from her father, GCI pastor Jim Kissee:

Lilah, mother Janna, brother Zander and father Nate

Janna and our son-in-law Nate are thankful for the many encouraging notes of support with prayers. Their daughter Lilah was born November 30! On December 5 both mother and daughter received a good medical report, despite the induced labor, which was necessary due to Janna’s thyroid cancer operation scheduled for December 13. Continued prayers for Janna are appreciated.

Baby Lilah

Lilah is settling in. She seems to like her new home. As you can guess, the whole family is rejoicing. We won’t believe how much Janna’s early pictures look like Lilah’s. This little girl, like her mommy, has lots of thick hair. What a joy!

Janna has a blog describing her journey while pregnant with cancer. Go to http://pregnantwithcancerwhat.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/pregnant-with-cancer-what/.

We’ll keep you informed. Thanks for the prayers and love.

Janna Jones
847 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65806