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Amber (Schnippert) Patrick

The following prayer request is from Amber’s father and GCI legal counsel, Bernie Schnippert.

Although it is time for another health update from me, and things are not going well (I am not recovering from a bad reaction to a medicine), this update will be about an even more serious Schnippert health matter.

We had thought that my middle daughter, Amber Patrick, who is age 37, had beaten breast cancer. However, we learned recently that the cancer spread into her back and other vital organs. Five or six of her vertebrae are cracked by the cancer, and it is in her lungs, bones and liver. Unless she responds almost miraculously to the nuclear and chemical therapy, the prognosis is very grave.

On top of our other health problems, my family, daughters in-laws, etc. are finding themselves in shock, dismay, and mental exhaustion over this serious matter, with tears flowing freely.

Please pray for Amber, for my wife Arlene (who now has two close relatives with cancer – me and Amber) – and all our relatives. Amber is married to Josh Patrick, the son of Don and Joyce Patrick, and has a 5-year-old daughter, Megan, who needs a mother.

Cards and letters are encouraged and may be sent to:

Amber Patrick
2322 Oakhaven Drive
Duarte, Ca. 91010

13 thoughts on “Amber (Schnippert) Patrick”

  1. You and your family are immediately included in my prayers. What a heavy burden you and your family are having to bear!

    Doug Johannsen

  2. Dear God, our Father, who loves us unconditionally, we beseech you on behalf of these precious sons and daughters for You, O Lord to intervene mightily in their lives. We know you are a God of love and You are full of compassion. They know you Lord, and have served you faithfully for many years. We know You have not fogotten them and hold them in the palms of Your hands. We are thankful, despite the afflictions, You are the deliverer. We give You thanks and praise for You are worthy. God be with each of you and give you peace.

  3. You are in our prayers often and our hearts always. We love you and ask prayers of healing and the peace of God that passes all understanding.

    Rand and Beth

  4. Bernie, you Arlene and family are in our prayers and hearts.
    We pray that our ever-present Savior would comfort, encourage and lift you up along with Amber, Josh and the rest of the family. May you always FEEL His PRESENCE.
    Love, Curtis and Jannice

  5. You and your family have been in our prayers here in Klamath Falls, OR and will continue to be. I know it is hard at times to understand the way God moves, but we can be sure of his love for us and that he will be there to strengthen us. May you feel his presence all around you and his peace cover you! He is always near!

  6. You and your family are in our prayers and will be added to 24-7 Community Church’s prayer list. This is a very difficult time, but it is good to know that God cares and will always be with you and the family. It is also good to know that you have many sisters and brothers in Christ praying on behalf of the entire family. God bless.

    Frank & Leslie Howard

  7. We are praying for you and your family, and the most important thing: Jesus and the Holy spirit are interceding for you. That is our hope.

    Hector and Paulina Barrero

  8. Bernie and Arlene, it really is hurtful to hear of your pain in dealing with this latest heavy health crisis. A married daughter who is a mother–I can only begin to imagine. It hits at a time of setback for you as well. God remains good all the time and we wait to see how He will work these huge issues out. Prayers are with you from us and our church.

  9. We remember you and your then family when you came to Calgary back in the early 70’s. Marlene and I are praying for you and your family at this very difficult time.

  10. Dear Bernie and Arlene,
    Faye and I have been and will continue more so with all your family in Christ to hold up your family’s hands in prayer asking for relief, for peace, for healing and the sustaining power of Christ as long as your awesome witness of suffering continues. Having two beautiful daughters, one through birth(35)and the other through marriage to our son(36), we are knit with you in heart, mind and soul. We are joining with all to pray unceasingly. Love sincerely, Tony and Faye

  11. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We don’t always know why things happen but we know the One who does!

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