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CAD announces new leaders

GCI Church Administration and Development (CAD) director Dr. Dan Rogers recently announced several CAD leadership transitions. These transitions, listed below, express CAD’s ongoing commitment to leadership multiplication in pursuit of GCI’s denominational vision: All kinds of churches for all kinds of people in all kinds of places.

Ken Williams

Ken Williams will retire later this year from his responsibility as GCI US Regional Pastor. Ken shared his thoughts on this milestone event:

I celebrated my 65th birthday in March, 2010 and started receiving my pension early the next year, while continuing to serve as a regional pastor. Though I love serving full-time in GCI, I realized that it was time to ask CAD to implement a succession plan to replace me. Dan Rogers agreed and thus we are now announcing this upcoming leadership transition. I will retire on June 30 of this year.

We are grateful for Ken’s visionary commitment to leadership multiplication, including his willingness to help prepare his replacement, Greg Williams.

Greg Williams

Greg will be replacing Ken as regional pastor in the Eastern two-thirds of the US. Greg is now working side-by-side with Ken and will take his place in this CAD leadership role beginning on June 30.

Anthony Mullins

Anthony Mullins has replaced Greg as director of Generations Ministries. Anthony has served for several years as part of GenMin’s core leadership team, which will continue to include Greg and Ted Johnston (both former GenMin directors).

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