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Maceo Hampton

Retired GCI pastor Maceo Hampton has been battling prostate cancer. Here is his praise report.

Dear Family and Friends,

Maceo and Phoebe Hampton

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your prayers, supplications, fastings, cards, and all the thoughtful and wonderful messages that I have received these past months as I went through my evaluations and radiation treatments. GOD IS GOOD and MERCIFUL! I finished my last radiation treatment on January 23 and for the past several weeks I have been experiencing the lessening of the “after effects” from hormone therapy and radiation.

I had an appointment on March 7. The doctor was very pleased with my low PSA count. He said that all indications were that I am CANCER FREE! Thank God!! There will be another follow-up visit in four months.

Prayer is important and vital. We must never underestimate it in “holding up the hands” of all who request and need it. Again THANK YOU!

Maceo Hampton

7 thoughts on “Maceo Hampton”

  1. Praise God and you already know how we feel I think i may have jumped the gun on your guys because I sent out a praise report (smile) We do rejoice with you as we thank and praise God with you. Continue to be blessed and be a blessing on this Kingdom walk. love you

  2. Wonderful. Having worked along side of you years ago, I appreciate your continuing decication and enthusiasim for the Lord.- Trevor Cherry

  3. Wonderful news. I pray that God will continue to bless you and those around you (those you help and those who help you).

  4. Maceo and Phoebe, God is good all the time….you are blessed by is amazing grace. Watched a very interesting PBS show on “The Hamptons”…what a talented family. God bless you and yours, Richard and Joyce

  5. Greetings Maceo and Phoebe from your extended family in Long Beach – Bellflower. So happy to hear the good news. May God be with you and grant total recovery and healing. Love, Larry and Ginny Dietrich

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