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Haiti update

This update is from Joseph Franklin, GCI’s national ministry leader in Haiti.

There are new developments to report concerning GCI in L’Asile – an existing Haitian church that chose recently to affiliate with us.

Tijean, Andre Naval and I recently visited the congregation. Though our journey there was long and tiring, we had an inspiring and humbling visit. A group of about 100 welcomed us (part of that group is pictured at right). It was clear that they were anticipating our visit.

I brought a generator to power my laptop and projector so they could view (as I translated) one of Dr. Tkach’s Speaking of Life programs (Pawol Lavii in their native Creole language). They were glad to become acquainted this way with GCI’s president.

After the worship service, the church’s pastor, Jeremy Nicolas and his wife Anotte served us a nice lunch (see picture at left).

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  1. Would be interested in more information about how the people are coping since the earthquake…how the church and school there are managing to function financially, etc.

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