Discipleship pathway

In the video below, GCI pastors Jim and Becky Valekis discuss the discipleship pathway they have developed for use in their church in Tipp City, Ohio.

To learn more about how you can implement a discipleship pathway in your own congregation, go to http://mindev.gci.org/strategy.htm. For other videos highlighting the missional work of GCI-USA churches, go to It Looks Like This http://gci-usa.blogspot.com/.

2 thoughts on “Discipleship pathway”

  1. Due to the highly edited nature of this video, it’s hard to have confidence in what this couple, themselves, are actually saying.
    Also, I can relate to the new member assimilation conversation they were in. It would help if GCI actually had a formal written ceremony to join new adults who have been previously Baptized to the local congregation of the Body of Christ. Right now the new GCI pastoral ceremony book does not include such a ceremony for adult new members. I hope they will include this soon.

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