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Converge East

“I think it was one of the happiest, most positive conferences I have ever attended in the church. It showed that the concept of the various generations represented in our church working together is not just a nice idea. It really is happening.”

This was John Halford’s observation after attending Converge East, where about 100 men and women from GCI Generations Ministries (GenMin) camps, mission events and administration gathered last weekend near Columbus, Ohio. Also participating were GCI youth ministry leaders from Canada as well as other guests.

Converge East

Converge is the annual summit of GenMin’s leaders, held this year in two locations: Southern California (last February—click here for a report) and recently in Ohio. The purpose of Converge is to gather for inspiration, encouragement and instruction. Participants worshiped, shared meals and fellowship, and participated in discussions about various aspects of GenMin camp and mission event ministries.

Presenters in Ohio included Dan Rogers, Gary Deddo, Cathy Deddo, John Halford, Anthony Mullins, Ted Johnston, Greg Williams, Jeff Broadnax, Anne Stapleton and Mark Stapleton. Moving testimonies were given by participants representing GenMin’s cross-generational ministry focus. Here, from Stephen Symonds, is a montage of pictures and video clips from Converge East:


Ordination of

An event highlight was the ordination of Dustin Lampe as a GCI elder (see picture above). Dustin was hired recently to serve as assistant pastor in the GCI Cincinnati, West congregation where Rick Shallenberger is senior pastor. Dustin recently completed a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. Dustin learned about GCI from Friends professor Dr. Chris Kettler, who has appeared on GCI’s You’re Included program discussing Trinitarian theology.

Converge East was coordinated by GCI Columbus pastor Jeff Broadnax, who also serves as GenMin camps coach for the eastern United States. Converge West was coordinated by GCI San Diego pastor Mark Stapleton and his wife Anne who serve together as GenMin camps coach for the western United States. For more about the ministries that GenMin provides in service to GCI congregations, click here.

6 thoughts on “Converge East”

  1. What a wonderful experience! I made a deeper connection with God and received a clearer understanding of our relationship as well as facing some hard truths about how I feel about it. So glad I attended. I have been given a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. Thanks to all who made this event possible. Now, I can move forward in confidence in the security of knowing who I am……….. A dearly beloved child of the Living God!!!

  2. What an amazing event!!! To get together with so many amazing people as we celebrated who we are in Christ! I experienced a deepening of my relationship with God and faced some hard truths about how I viewed and lived in that relationship. Praise God that in His mercy, He did not abandon me, yet showed me His awesome love and gave me the courage to share that love. Thanks to all who made this event possible. Glory to God that I can walk in the truth of who I am……. A dearly beloved child of the Living God!!!!!

  3. I want to thank the GCI congregations that have donated to the GC Next fund. It has helped make events like Converge East (and West) possible and has helped fund our Internship Program that is bearing fruit as we see with Dustin. Information about how congregations can donate to the fund can be found at http://genmin.gci.org/donate.htm

  4. Welcome Dustin to you and your wife! I look forward to meeting the two of you someday.

  5. Just watched the video, thank you for sharing it Ted. It is like looking into the future of our denomination, very encouraging. Seeing many of faces I remember were teens just a few years ago!
    God is GREAT!

  6. Just to echo Tom Smith a bit, it is inspiring to see and know that Jesus is and will be with his people wherever he is working, even to the ages’end.

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