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Anthea Lippross

This prayer request is from GCI elder Roger Lippross concerning his wife Anthea.

Prayer is requested for Anthea Lippross concerning her heart problems. Tests determined that she has an unusual mass on the inside wall of her heart and her mitral valve has deteriorated. This is a very serious condition. She will be having open heart surgery on February 26 to remove the mass and replace the heart valve. This is a high risk operation.

Anthea and the family remain positive and optimistic. She has been greatly encouraged by emails and cards from church members and by prayers offered by hospital staff who are believers.

Please pray about the surgery and about her return to full health.

Cards may be sent to:

Roger & Anthea Lippross
1015 Coto de Caza Ct
Beaumont, CA 92223-8522

8 thoughts on “Anthea Lippross”

  1. Dear Roger,

    We are very sorry to hear about your wife’s heart condition. The impending operation will be on our minds and in our prayers.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Anthea & Roger,

    Prayers continuing for you, that your surgery today was successful. With a quick return to full-good health!!

    God Be With You!!

    Lila & Ted Millhuff

  3. We are pleased to report that Anthea’s operation went well. Apparently the mass was a blood clot as big as a fist. The doctors said they seem to have been able to remove it all. Recovery now follows and the prognosis is good.

  4. We are happy to hear that all went well with Antheas’ surgery, and do hope and pray that with the arrival of each new day she will continue to steadily improve and will be completely recovered soon.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  5. Our prayers will continue to be with you as you continue to heal and recuperate. We thank God for his healing power in this most serious situation. Thanks be to Him that nothing is too hard for Him. Great is His faithfulness. Mercies brand new everyday. Surely, Goodness and mercy shall follow you. We thank and praise the Great God whom we serve. Love and best wishes.

  6. Dear Roger,
    I was so happy to hear of the success of Anthea’s surgery. I have been thinking of her and praying for her since we heard the prayer request for her condition. Hoping now to hear of a rapid and complete recovery!

    Larry and Ginny Dietrich
    GCI Bellflower

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