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Two interns installed as pastors

A primary tool for recruiting and training new GCI pastors in the United States—a key part of our GCnext focus—is our Pastoral Internship Program. We are pleased to announce that two former interns, Carrie Smith and Bill Ritzman, were recently installed as pastors. Both Carrie and Bill continue their training for ministry through the degree program at Grace Communion Seminary.

Carrie Smith

It’s a new beginning for Grace Fellowship, the GCI church that meets in Clarksville, Tennessee. GCI elder Carrie Smith recently was installed as the congregation’s co-pastor, serving on a pastoral team with Ed Peters, Doug Tomes and Frances Sykes.

Carrie's installation

As shown in the picture above, Carrie (at the center of the picture) was blessed to have her father, pastor Tom Smith (far right), her mother Pam (third from right) and her sister Tonya (second from right) present for the installation service. District pastor Rick Shallenberger (center, back row) gave specific charges to Carrie and the congregation. He finished his presentation by saying, “God is doing a new thing, and for this we give him praise. God has work for you to do together as you participate in his mission of bringing many sons and daughters to glory.” The family and pastoral team laid hands on Carrie as Rick asked God to bless both Carrie and the congregation.

Bill Ritzman

RitzmansIn a recent ceremony, Bill (shown with his wife Katie at right) was ordained an elder and installed as pastor of Christian Life Fellowship, GCI’s church meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. Bill was interned by district pastor Karl Reinagel for two years.

Several members of Bill’s family attended the ordination/installation service, including Mark Bannier (uncle) who pastors GCI’s Macolm, Illinois congregation. Also in attendance were Doug and Betty Johannsen who traveled down from St. Paul, Minnesota. Doug is Bill’s life mentor (part of the internship program). Mark, Doug and Karl joined with Beverly Worden—elder and leader of the pastoral care team prior to Bill’s installation as pastor—in the laying on of hands during the ceremony.

5 thoughts on “Two interns installed as pastors”

  1. Congratulations to you Carrie and Bill and Katie!!
    I remember meeting Bill and Katie in California a few years back and we all questioned if we were Pastor material!!! God answered our questions!!! God is an amazing God and He knows what He is doing!! Can not wait to meet up with you all sometime soon!!

  2. Bill, Katie, And Carrie,

    So proud of and happy for all of you and for those you will serve. I know that God will strengthen and inspire you as you seek to carrie the light.

    Todd Woods

  3. God’s richest blessing on our new pastors, Carrie, Bill and Katie. May He give you wisdom to lead, a compassionate heart that listens, and the energy and strength to reap the harvest God has prepared already for you.

    Dave and Hinka

  4. Congrats Carrie,Bill and Katie, May our loving and gracious God bless you richly as you serve!

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