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Vote for GCI in Google competition

Africa ConnectedThis announcement is from Tim Maguire, GCI’s mission director in southern Africa. It is a follow up to the earlier announcement about the Africa Connected competition being conducted by Google.

I just learned that GCI Africa has made it into the top ten in Google’s Africa Connected competition! The top five will each be awarded US $25,000 prize money. Receiving this prize would go a long way in helping us help our brothers and sisters in Mozambique. Winning would also give GCI in South Africa a lot of positive publicity. Our inclusion in the top ten has already been announced nationwide on Radio South Africa.

The final stage in the competition involves the public voting for their favorite video. If you have computer access and a GMail account and are willing, I ask that you vote for our video. You can do so online by going to http://www.africaconnected.com/be-inspired/106760707267304528135-ngo-community-en/.

5 thoughts on “Vote for GCI in Google competition”

  1. Tim,

    That is fantastic! We look forward to your next update. Being in the “top ten” is already a tremendous achievement.

    But, let’s wait and see…

  2. Tim
    Been following this through your emails and updates. Since we are involved with Mozambique GCI, my churches will be praying about this.
    Thanks for all you do for Moz and Southern Africa.
    Blessings dear friend
    David & Jonnie Perry

  3. Hi Tim! We’re so happy about your achievement.To be at top 10 I means hard working. We pray that more people can vote for top 5.God is with you in this for His people.

    Johannes and Rosinah

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