Exponential Conference

Exponential 3Several GCI members recently attended the Exponential Conference, East in Orlando, Florida. Those attending included the group pictured at right. Most are members of Hands for Christ Community Church, a newly planted GCI congregation serving the deaf community in Staten Island, New York and beginning to reach out through streaming video to groups of deaf people gathered elsewhere.

Mary Bacheller, Hands for Christ church planter and senior pastor, provided signing for deaf people during several of the sessions at the Exponential Conference (she is in the foreground of the picture below).

Exponential 2

Mary reported that her group had a profound experience at the conference:

Our hearts were changed and our hands were moving. We were motivated and renewed in our commitment to spread the gospel. Every night we reviewed what we learned and discussed how we would implement it back home. This conference is a great way to get people involved by helping them experience for themselves the excitement of being disciples who make disciples.

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  1. Thanks, Mary, for sharing this experience. Exponential has helped transform the hearts and minds of many of us who have attended; helping us see more clearly how the Spirit is transforming the larger body of Christ and how the church is reaching new people and making new disciples. And Jesus has honored GCI with “a piece of the action” as well. I hope others are inspired by your experience to attend.

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