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Canadian youth camps

This update is from Gary Moore, director of GCI-Canada and his wife Wendy.

We just returned yesterday evening from a wonderful week at SEP Silver Meadows near Edmonton. There were programs for teens, a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for preteens, and an apprentice program for young adults. Counting staff, we had a “village” of about 100 people sharing faith, fellowship and the blessings of life. Those serving in the kitchen did a great job feeding us, and the entire staff served as a harmonious team. Our goal was to point the young people to Jesus Christ, and we genuinely sought to participate in his work in each precious young life with which we were privileged to interact. Clay and Gillian Houghton served as co-directors of camp for the first time and did a splendid job.

SEP baptismsOne of the highlights of camp occurred Friday afternoon when four baptisms were conducted on the shores of Lake Nakamun. One woman came from the Edmonton church (she had several children in the VBS program); two were teen campers and one was a staff member. The group is pictured at left.

Another highlight was on Tuesday when pastor Bob Millman arranged for the seniors adults from the Edmonton church to visit the camp, joining the campers for lunch. These folks have been dedicated supporters of the camp for years and it was a pleasure having them join us.

Special thanks to pastors Leigh Smithson, Amy Pena, Steve Posiak and Bob Millman for their spiritual leadership and dedicated service during the week. They each made a unique contribution and the camp was blessed by their presence.

Our prayers are now with Camp Connections in eastern Canada. It’s in session July 20-29.