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Ginny Dietrich

Here from her husband Larry Dietrich, is an update on the previous prayer request for Ginny Dietrich.

We have positive news to report! And for that I want to thank all of you for your thoughtfulness, well wishes, outpouring of love and concern, and most of all your prayers.

Following surgery, Ginny had been in a medically-induced coma to allow her body to fight the infection and recover from the shock of surgery. On Friday, the surgeon told us he had stopped the sedative, and she would begin to wake up slowly. Well, today (Sunday) she was awake and much more responsive. She still has the ventilator, so she can’t speak, but nods her head to respond, turns her head to look at us. She had a normal cat scan of her head, showing that her brain is fine. Her lungs are clear, blood pressure and temperature normal, and they are reducing the ventilator assistance.

So that means she is ready for the next step, which is to transfer her to a “high level rehab” hospital in La Mirada, where they can continue her care, wean her off the ventilator, and continue to work with her as she further awakes and responds. We are very encouraged by this news. Thank you again for your concern and prayers. Please keep it up. The family is coping better with this news. It was pretty rough for a while.

Cards may be sent to:

Larry and Ginny Dietrich
11791 Onyx Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845-1213

6 thoughts on “Ginny Dietrich”

  1. Thanks much for sharing these uplifting news. Ginny has the prayers of many supporting her.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Best News Today!! Tell Ginny we’re all praying for her & our ladies in her “Friends” music group will miss having her with us to sing at our Connecting & Bonding Conference this Labor Day Weekend. Ginny adds so much to every group she is part of!!

    God Bless You Both, Ginny & Larry!!

    Lila and Ted Millhuff

  3. We are so pleased to hear the good news, and do hope and pray that with the arrival of each day you will feel refreshed and improve with time.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  4. Hello Ginny and Larry,

    Please know that Juli and I are lifting you up in prayer. We pray His peace and healing hands will cover you during this challenging time in your life. We have many fond memories of you both and appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the members and for our denomination.

    Love you guys!
    Mike & Juli

  5. Hello Larry & Ginny ~ This is the first I have heard of Ginny’y affliction and I want you to know my heart and prayers are with you both. I have some idea what you are going through, Larry. And I especially pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and comfort you as you go through this difficult time. My fervent prayers for Ginny’s complete healing are on the way.

  6. Here is an update we just received from Larry:

    It is with the deepest sorrow that I must inform all of you that my dear Ginny passed today (July 22) at about 3 pm. Just last evening, Dene’ and I were with her, and she was alert, aware and responding, and her vital signs all seemed to be near normal. But this morning, i received a call from the hospital that she was suddenly failing, and asked my permission to re-install the ventilator. I naturally gave my permission, which was necessary because I had given them a copy of the section of our trust where we had both indicated there should be no resuscitation if either of us was near death anyway, and simply putting us on machines for a low quality of life was something neither of us wanted. But I gave permission mainly so there would be some time for us to go there and say our goodbyes.

    So that is what they did. Dene’ arrived ahead of me, and informed me she had already “died” twice, and been resuscitated. But the end was obviously near. They said she could hear us even though she couldn’t respond. So we told her it was alright to go to sleep, and she would be in a much better place.

    With that, they turned off the IV that was stimulating her heart to beat, and very soon all indicators zeroed out.

    We haven’t made any arrangements yet, but are meeting with the folks at the Forest Lawn mortuary in Cypress, CA, Wednesday morning. I will keep you posted on the details when we have them finalized.

    In the meantime, please know your heartfelt prayers on her behalf mean the world to me. I firmly feel God heard and answered by showing us she has suffered enough, was facing an impossible battle with cancer ahead, and He spared her the agony and pain. I am grieving, of course, but also I am at peace with His answer, because in my heart I know it’s best. Time will heal the hurt.


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