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Ginny Dietrich

This prayer request for Ginny Dietrich is from her husband Larry Dietrich, a member of the pastoral care team in GCI’s Long Beach, California church.

Ginny recently had surgery to deal with a tumor in her bowel. What they found was not good news. The entire colon was found to be diseased and had to be removed. But worse than that, the doctor found evidence of cancer throughout her abdominal area. He said that she likely had cancer for at least a year or more, without any symptoms until just recently. The doctor says that she is very ill. Naturally, this is not the result we had hoped for. The next few days will be crucial. I’ll keep you posted. Please pray that God’s will be done.

Cards may be sent to:

Larry and Ginny Dietrich
11791 Onyx Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845-1213

7 thoughts on “Ginny Dietrich”

  1. In situations like these, it’s difficult for me to find the “right” words. I’m thankful that we are the body of Christ. Larry, we are praying for Ginny and you.
    -Reuben Rios

  2. Ginny & Larry!!

    We were just getting to know you better after all these years. For Ginny & I, the C&B bought us together. Last year we shared time singing at our talent show with the “Friends” Group. Enjoyed the time together, for these events do bind us together.

    All the struggle due to the meds prescribed for too long which caused havoc for your legs Ginny. Now to find cancer in your body. You’ve always been a strong & resilient woman of faith – a wonderful example for us.

    Our hearts go out to you both. Our prayers to the Lord are for your comfort & care. That you will feel His closeness & love for you in your time of need. You are deeply appreciated & loved, Ginny!!

    Lila & Ted Millhuff

  3. We join in the prayers of your many brothers and sisters. Our suffering in this world can at times be so overwhelming. We look forward to the New Heavens and New Earth.

    The Lord of life will uphold you during this difficult trial.

    Our prayers are with you.

    Santiago and Elke

  4. Ginny and Larry, we will pray even as you have requested. To be in the will of God for us is a great testament to the relationship that we have with him. May you have great comfort from the Holy Spirit with you and in you.

  5. Thank you for sharing what you are undergoing right now. Praying for your healing. Nothing is impossible with HIM. Take comfort and have peace in His promises.. We love you Ginny and Larry..

  6. Our Dear sister and brother in Christ, Ginny and Larry; we will be praying for our Loving Heavenly Father to tenderly scoop you into His hands for comfort and healing through this hard trial.
    Our love to you as we pray,
    David and Linda Husmann and churches!

  7. Hi Ginny & Larry. Our friendship goes back many decades,and I have loved seeing Ginny on an annual basis at C&B. Just know that my love, thoughts and prayers are with you. Holding you in my heart. YSIC, the other Ginny

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