Tipp City outreach

The article below was published in a local newspaper concerning the community outreach of CrossRoads Christian Fellowship, GCI’s church in Tipp City, Ohio (the church building, referred to in the article as “CrossRoads Community Center” is pictured here).

Tipp City

TIPP CITY – Tipp City will be home to a cooperative project designed to feed the hungry, provide resources to the needy, and create vital community connections between all walks of life. ONE Market (which stands for Our Neighbors Empowered) will open on June 21 at the CrossRoads Community Center at the corner of Broadway and Third Streets. The Market will be held every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The project is coordinated by CrossRoads ConneXions, a non-profit that operates out of the community center. Three primary programs will be housed under the ONE Market umbrella: One Bistro, Flea Market and FREE Market. Although the goal is to provide a hand up for those in need, the market theme and products will be of interest to all, organizers say.

“We invite everyone – regardless of your income level – to take part in this celebration of all that we have as Americans,” said Jim Valekis, Pastor of CrossRoads Christian Fellowship. “This is a chance to help those in need, to connect with others, or to enjoy our flea market goodies, educational opportunities, the amazing One Bistro meals and so much more.”

One Bistro – The One Bistro food truck is an extension of One Bistro Restaurant and “businestry” in Miamisburg, where renowned chef Rob Adamson uses his culinary skills and industry contacts to make a difference in the lives of others. “One Bistro exists to share love, give hope and provide a sense of community,” said Valekis, who quoted Adamson’s vision that the pay-what-you-can restaurant is “dedicated to serving our neighbors, the privileged and underprivileged, by giving a hand up not a hand out.”

“That’s the same spirit we will have at One Market – people coming together to share resources, knowledge, and their love for their fellow man. It will be fun, light-hearted, and just a great opportunity to touch lives and enjoy great food,” Valekis said.

The One Bistro truck provides Chef Rob’s acclaimed gourmet meals at pay-what-you-can prices. “Those with resources can enjoy a great meal and ‘pay it forward,’ if they like,” Valekis said. “Those without resources can eat, and, if they choose, offer some volunteer hours in return.”

The food truck – and the ONE Market concept – is open to residents from any community in the region. For those interested in offering volunteer hours in exchange for meals or products, ONE Market officials will attempt to connect them with volunteer opportunities in their own communities.

FREE Market – FREE stands for Food, Resources, Education and Empowerment. A variety of projects will fall under the FREE Market umbrella, according to Valekis. This includes a freecycling station with gently used household goods that can be traded or acquired at no charge, free classes on healthy cooking, exercise, or other topics and periodic features like a job fair, resume help, veteran’s services and wellness checks. The station will also offer a weekly grocery giveaway. Local grocers such as Dorothy Lane Market, Kroger and others donate their almost-expired but still perfectly edible food items to an area supplier, who makes them available to ONE Market. Additionally, organizers encourage non-profits from across the region to set up here on Saturday and offer help and resources, in addition to seeking volunteer support.

Flea Market – Will be a traditional flea market style set-up. Booths will offer gently used household goods at reasonable prices, as well as hand-crafted items, produce, arts & crafts and more. There will be no charge to set-up but vendors are asked to fill out an application and make a donation to CrossRoads ConneXions.

“We figure folks can come see us once they are finished shopping at the Tipp City Marketplace downtown. By stopping here for a lunch break they can try the gourmet meals served by One Bistro,” Valekis explained, adding that the food truck will be located at the downtown Marketplace in the morning and will move to the ONE Market site in time for its 11:30 opening. “The whole point of this project is to make connections…between individuals, organizations and agencies.”