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John Halford

Here from his daughter Becky (Halford) Brown, is a praise report concerning John Halford. John, a long-time GCI leader and editor, recently underwent surgery in his battle against esophageal cancer.

HalfordDad’s doctor just came in smiling from ear to ear and pronounced my dad CANCER FREE!!! His pathology report indicated that no live cancer cells were found in his body following surgery. They got it all! No more radiation or chemo is needed.

We are so very thankful for each one of you. Your support and prayers got us through this difficult time. We have a whole new view of cancer and the “fight” required to get through it. Dad fought hard and we give every bit of the credit to God working through the amazing doctors to bring about this wonderful outcome.

Dad still has a long recovery ahead but somehow it just got a lot easier. We can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year. We have so much to be thankful for.

Cards may be sent to:

John & Pat Halford
5836 South State Road 129
Versailles, IN 47042

23 thoughts on “John Halford”

  1. I cannot find the words to express my relief and profound joy at what God had done through you and in you through this ordeal. Praise God for his healing! You have always been to me an outstanding example to admire and emulate. Congratulation on this good news. My heart and my prayers are constantly for you and lovely Pat. And thank you, Becki for keeping us all posted.

  2. God is soooo good…thankful for his blessings in your and Pat’s life….and all your brothers and sisters around the world whom you have touched with His grace and love. Will come down and see you are you have recovered more…
    Thanking the Lord for you both and his mercy in your lives.
    David & Jonnie

  3. Nancy and I join with many others in thanking God for this encouraging news.

  4. John and family,

    We are so encouraged by this good report, and praise and thank God for his mercy and intervention. You are in our continual thoughts and prayers. Ray and Carol Meyer

  5. Great news, John and Pat, may you have a rapid recovery. Our prayers are with you. Love Roy & Sheila

  6. As Jimmy Dean said years ago–“It’s hard to get the best of a man named John…Big John.” Our whole congregation is following your progress and heard about the “textbook” surgery–God Speed–NE

  7. We rejoice with the entire family. Praises be to God!

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  8. Brigida and Samuel and the brethren and I are very thankful to our loving Father for that great news and continue to ask Him to intervene for you to have a rapid recovery. Un abrazo amigo!

  9. Praise God! This is wonderful news, John, and I’m happy for you and your family. Thank you for your faithful response to Jesus throughout this ordeal. I hope you have a swift and thorough recovery.

  10. You have been in my prayers is this update is great news! Thanks be to God! Wishing you comfort and a speedy recovery.

  11. Very happy to hear you are doing well! We thank God and pray for your complete recovery. Charles

  12. John, overjoyed to hear the good news. You are too valuable to lose, mate. We want to be benefiting from your wisdom and friendship for years to come!
    Dennis and Brenda

  13. Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving, each day is a day to give the great GOD of the universe “thanks.” We are so happy that GOD has intervened and know HE will continue to do so for this precious son. To HIM be GLORY. We thank GOD for the medical doctors and the medical technology, but it is by HIS stripes, we are healed. LORD, we thank you!!!

  14. We join you in Praising and Thanking GOD for your healing..

    Take care, rest more

    Angie, ,Saddie and kids


  16. John and Pat,
    I did a happy dance when I read the update! Thank God! We keep praying for a quick and complete recovery!

  17. Great news, John. Can’t keep a good man down. Give me your mom’s first or second name in its Hebrew form and you’ll have a fine Orthodox Jewish congregation praying for your full recovery every Sabbath morning. E.g. my name is Yohanan ben Hannah (John, son of Ann). At any rate, Zay gezint! (Be well!)

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