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Death of Ginny Deitrich

We were saddened to learn of Ginny Dietrich’s recent passing. Ginny was the wife of GCI elder Larry Dietrich who serves on the pastoral care team in the Long Beach, California congregation. Here is a note from Larry, following up on the previous prayer request.

Dear friends and family,

It is with the deepest sorrow that I must inform all of you that my dear Ginny passed on July 22. Just the evening before, I was with her, and she was alert, aware and responding, and her vital signs all seemed to be near normal. But the day of her death I received a call from the hospital that she was suddenly failing, and asked my permission to re-install the ventilator. I gave permission mainly so there would be some time for us to go there and say our goodbyes. So that is what they did and when I arrived, I was told that Ginny had already “died” and been resuscitated twice. The end was obviously near. They said she could hear us even though she couldn’t respond. So I told her it was OK to go to sleep—she would be in a much better place. With that, they turned off the IV that was stimulating her heart to beat, and very soon all indicators zeroed out.

Please know your heartfelt prayers on her behalf have meant the world to me. I firmly feel God heard and answered by showing us she had suffered enough, was facing an impossible battle with cancer ahead, and he spared her the agony and pain. I am grieving, of course, but also am at peace with his answer, because in my heart I know it’s best. Time will heal the hurt.

Cards may be sent to:

Larry Dietrich
11791 Onyx Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845-1213

4 thoughts on “Death of Ginny Deitrich”

  1. We are thinking of you and asking God to grant you His comfort and peace in the sure understanding of better times to come. Keep your eyes on Him.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

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