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Multiplying Filipino disciple-makers

GCI Philippines denominational leaders Rex de la Pena and Rey Taniajura recently attended a discipleship trainers’ seminar at the invitation of Efraim Tendero, national director of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. A similar seminar was held in another location where Terrence Santibanez and Rannie Suan, both GCI-Philippines area superintendents, attended.


The purpose of the seminars was to equip trainers to teach disciple-making in the Philippines. It is hoped that this will spark a movement of multiplying disciple-makers all over the country. Those trained will be responsible to hold workshops and plan, recruit, host and equip small group teachers in their home churches and denominations. The invitation letter to those invited said this:

This nationwide disciple-making initiative is already in progress across Thailand and India, so we are inviting your personal participation as well as your prayers for Asia during this coming decade’s strategic emphasis on returning to the first century’s proven life-to-life methodology. To our knowledge, this is the largest coordinated Christian disciple-making effort in Asia’s history, so this is why we are earnestly requesting your regional spiritual leadership.

The seminar incorporated material from Operation Multiplication, which addresses one-on-one and small-group approaches to disciple-making. GCI plans to incorporate the material from this publication into its own disciple-making methodology, which is referred to as the D-Star Discipleship Pathway.