ORM activities

At left: Jannice and Curtis May

Curtis May, director of GCI’s affiliate ministry, the Office of Reconciliation and Spiritual Mediation (ORM), recently conducted an ORM chapter leaders’ training conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (see picture at right).

Following the conference in Cincinnati, Curtis traveled to the St. Louis area, where he met with 15 police chiefs and other officers gathered in Florissant, Missouri, near Ferguson, which has had a prominent place in the news recently. Curtis addressed various types of racism and steps that can be taken to break the cycle of oppression. Curtis shared his experiences as a citizen being confronted by police, and as an ORM director helping the Pasadena, California, police department improve their racial sensitivity and community relations. Those in attendance responded favorably, asking what they could do to strengthen relations with the communities they serve.

One thought on “ORM activities”

  1. Dear Curtis and Jannice,
    I was recently thinking of you and ORM when I heard the latest alarming news from that area. I thought, “I wonder if they would listen to Curtis May regarding some of the experiences he has had dealing with police departments.” Praise God for opening the door for you to address them. I hope it bears fruit.

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