Elders ordained

ordinationWe are pleased to announce that the following men and women recently were ordained as elders serving in GCI congregations. We thank God for raising up these pastoral leaders and offer congratulations to all.

  • Carlos Flores, Tegucigalpa HONDURAS
  • Manuel Torres, Tegucigalpa HONDURAS
  • Joel Aleman, Tegucigalpa HONDURAS
  • Felix Gaetan, Orlando, FL
  • Aadam Adkins, Tipp City, OH
  • Terry Lambert, Abilene, TX
  • Michael Boro, Naivasha KENYA
  • Pierre Armand Essam, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Roger Kolokosso, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Rosalie Ndoudoumou, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Jean Zambo, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Jean-Joel Begnikin, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Genevieve Eboumbou, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Agnes Balinga, Limbe CAMEROON
  • Joel Ferdinand Mpinda, Yaounde CAMEROON
  • Aramis Parane, Pasig City PHILIPPINES
  • Albert Abrahams, Port Elizabeth SOUTH AFRICA
  • Zacharia Hlalu, Port Elizabeth SOUTH AFRICA
  • Marcelino Rivas, Austin, TX
  • Sharon Marquis, Marion, OH
  • John Henry Hunter, Philadelphia, PA
  • Stephen Dobritch, Canfield, OH
  • Reuben Rios, Long Beach, CA
  • David Agreda, San Salvador EL SALVADOR
  • Dennis Quinn, Seattle-Bellevue, WA

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