2 thoughts on “GCI Intern Program”

  1. Jeff,

    Will be praying for the “right candidates” to knock on the door.


  2. Hi Jeff, enjoyed the brief talk featured in Joe’s 3/25 weekly update. Just spent a long time on the phone last night with Jillian Caranto and discussed the meetings in Ohio as well as her intern assignment in Lemon Grove with Stapletons. Having now retired and moved home to Pasadena, I’m thankful that one of the most meaningful achievements of my career in ministry was recommending Jilly and promoting her toward internship. Together with helping to establish SEP Tahoe, I feel our last year of full time ministry finished well. We continue to support the local GCI, Camps and interns. Thanks for your help and support toward a better future for GCI.
    Love In Him JR & HBR

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