New church in Kenya

A congregation in Etago, Kenya (pictured below) recently joined GCI. They decided to do so after its leader, John Musoti, read on the GCI website, our Statement of Beliefs and teachings about the new covenant. As a former Seventh Day Adventist, John had always felt that the Old Testament laws were burdensome, but he did not know what to do.

Kenya 1

After reading our literature, John contacted us. GCI pastors Elisha and Lang’at, who live about 60 miles away, visited John. During a series of three meetings, the group had many questions. Pastors Elisha and Lang’at answered by referring to the simple, yet profound message of the gospel: we are saved by grace and nothing else! After these meetings, the group decided to join GCI. They were then commissioned as a GCI Bible study group under the supervision of pastors Elisha and Lang’at, with John Musoti leading the group’s pastoral team (pictured below).

Kenya 3

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  1. I am always overjoyed when we are updated with glorious news like this.
    With the knowledge of The Triune God in us through Jesus Christ what else can we say, but to give thanks and praising always.

    Thank You so much for the Update.

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