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Tom Ecker retires

Please join us in congratulating Tom and Alberta Ecker. Tom recently retired from GCI employment having served in Canada and the U.S. in various capacities for nearly 42 years. Tom’s last assignment was as senior pastor of GCI’s congregations in Beaumont and High Desert, California. (For more information about Tom and Alberta, click here.) As shown in the pictures below, GCI’s Home Office in Glendora, California recently honored the Eckers at an employee meeting.

Alberta and Tom Ecker
Joseph Tkach recaps Tom’s career

14 thoughts on “Tom Ecker retires”

  1. Hi Tom and Alberta…they say retired people are busier than ever. Hope that in your case these new activities are fulfilling and exciting in many good ways.

  2. Tom and Alberta – congratulations on many years of service. Now it’s time to slow down – a little. It was great seeing you in Orlando in 2013. Graduating with you Tom from Ambassador College in 1973 seems like such a long time ago. We have many fond memories of you and your friendship. Alberta we hope you realize that now you will have half the money and twice the husband!

    Ken & Cathy Emerson

  3. Congratulations Tom and Alberta! Now that we are retired from our careers, Nancy and I have become more involved in our community. As others have said, this new chapter is a full life worth living.

  4. Congratulations on your retirement and we wish you and Alberta all the best in the years to come

  5. Dear Tom and Alberta,
    Huge congratulations my dear friends. What a long list of pleasant memories I have of times spent with you at various festivals, conferences, and the like. All the best in your retirement.

  6. Congratulations! Seems that most of the people we know that are ‘retired’ are busier than ever. Thank you for your service, and blessings to you both for the future that lies ahead. May God Bless.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  7. Congratulations, Tom and Alberta. How time flies when you’re having fun! May you both enjoy your new chapter in the life our Creator has so bountifully given you! I can still remember first meeting you, Tom, while I was visiting your mother. Now there was a wonderful, most gracious lady. She left such a lasting impression of perseverance and joy. One of my great blessings was having had the opportunity of knowing her. Congrats again!

  8. Both Edna and I appreciated the brief times spent with you at conferences. Those few times we met at over meals, we always felt inspired afterwards. May God continue to richly bless you both during your retirement years.
    Eric and Edna (Moncton New Brunswick)

  9. Congrats to you both as you look back on decades of service to people and look forward to many years ahead–also to people but with a new focus. May you find your new “groove” easily and take off running.

  10. To our friends who posted congratulation comments here in this Announcement location and also to our friends who replied in E-mail: Thank you for your positive and affirmative comments as we were blessed by each one. In the short term, we are continuing to help “behind the scenes” in the transition to the new pastors (Bermie Dizon in Beaumont and Tim Disney in High Desert) and will likely do so for the next few months. And, for the long-term we are also addressing some long needed dental, medical and home maintenance (repair) issues as our personal schedule is still intentional but even more flexible now. Yes, the “R” word (retirement) is promising and delivering new hope and new life. Love, prayers and blessings, your bro and sis, Tom and Alberta

  11. Hello Tom & Alberta
    Congratulations to both of you on a job well done. Maybe one of these day we will see you in Vancouver. All the best in your retirement.
    Craig & Debbie

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